Welcome to our new Brightpoint brand!

Welcome to our new BrightPoint brand!

At BrightPoint, we’re constantly challenging ourselves to do better, asking questions like: how can we make our processes more efficient…our services more relevant…and ultimately, our customers’ business more profitable. Our brand is a key part of our business and our success, and that’s why it too is changing.

A new look. A new conversation. A new future of opportunities.

Our new brand identity – complete with a new logo, colors and 5 service areas – is now more reflective of the modern, dynamic approach we take to our full suite of end-to-end supply chain and customization solutions.


We have devices and capabilities around the world, yet no matter where you find us on the map, the device is always at the center of everything we do. We understand that our ability to meet commitments – to deliver – is why we earn our customers’ business.


We also have a new way of expressing what BrightPoint does and the services we offer:


Device Lifecycle Services.



For us, the device is at the center of everything we do, and we understand that our ability to meet commitments – to deliver – is why we earn our customers’ business. The way we talk about our services is simplified, too:



1. Plan: Forecast and manage supply chain lifecycles

2. Market: Create demand and access sales channels

3. Customize: Configure, prepare and enable devices

4. Move: Deliver devices when and where they need to be

5. Recover: Maximize value from recaptured devices


Where you’ll see our new brand identity

You’ll see our new BrightPoint logo and messaging on our website, signage, stationery, promotional items, templates, and other materials starting in mid-January. We’ll continue to update all of our touchpoints throughout 2012.


Our brand is more than a logo or trademark.
It’s about your experience of us. Our new brand reflects the attributes we all strive to exemplify in our processes, service and innovation: Driven, Reliable and Creative. We look forward to delivering on an exciting future of opportunity and growth for us all.


Visit our new brand website at www.BrightPoint.com. Your inputs are important to us so please let us know what you think of our new look.


Larry Paulson

Executive Vice President and CMO