Employee Commitment

High-performing companies recognize that employee commitment is a major contributing factor toward sustaining long-term success and creating value. An engaged employee is involved and excited about their work and acts in a manner that will forward the organization’s interest.  An engaged workforce helps optimize and retain talent for the long-term because the employees choose to stay, even when other employment alternatives exist.

According to Walker Information[1], the top three drivers of employee commitment are Satisfaction, Fairness, and Care & Concern for employees.  Put simply, committed employees want to enjoy their work, feel they are appreciated, and know they are making a contribution to their company’s strategic objectives. Additionally, employees who have trust in their leadership, and are trusted by their leadership, have a greater dedication and are ultimately more productive on the job.  However, according to recent data provided by the National Business Research Institute (NBRI)[2]only 31% of all employees are truly engaged.

At BrightPoint, we take employee engagement seriously, and we work to create a culture that inspires employee loyalty and satisfaction. The results of BrightPoint’s commitment to its employees are shown in the 2011 BPNA Employee Commitment Survey.  The survey determined that close to 80% of respondents indicated they were satisfied with their jobs and daily activities.  General employee satisfaction increases when managers take an active interest in their employees beyond their day-to-day job responsibilities.  According to NBRI[3], managers that actively coach, build relationships, and keep an open dialogue with their employees improve employee engagement.

We have a diverse workforce where each employee brings unique value and has individual needs.  Managers are learning to manage the individual and not the position. In order to give managers the tools they need to be successful, BrightPoint places strong emphasis on targeted leadership training workshops and continual learning resources. In 2011, 90.6% of managers at BrightPoint NA participated in the development opportunities offered and also made an effort to help reinforce the learning of their team members.  This signals that our leadership team is taking an active interest in professional development and its connection to employee commitment.

As BrightPoint continues to increase focus on employee engagement, the organization will grow stronger and maintain a substantial advantage over our competition.  Our employees possess the knowledge, experience, and resiliency to respond quickly to the demands of the marketplace and, through their genuine commitment, will deliver what our customers want with increasing efficiency and effectiveness.   Our responsibility is value-creation by growing our business and maintaining high levels of customer service and loyalty. We believe the best way to accomplish this is through a strong, committed, and engaged workforce.